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posted on 2020-12-16, 03:22 authored by Teng ChiTeng Chi
Printing of 3-dimensional nanostructures with high-resolution by two-photon polymerization has gained significant attention recently. Isopropyl thioxanthone (ITX) has been studied and used as a photoinitiator because of its unique property in initiating and depleting polymerization, but to further improve the resolution of 3D structures, new photoinitiating materials are necessary to decrease the power requirements especially in industrial world. In this dissertation, different new types of thioxanthone-based photoinitiators were synthesized and our new initiators possessed a clear enhancement in terms of excitation over ITX. To clearly reveal the writing mechanism behind it, the behavior of the initiators was evaluated by several methods such as low temperature phosphorescence spectroscopy and density functional theory (DFT) calculations. The first type of new molecules with alkyne bridge will be discussed in chapter 2 and the further developed initiators with electron donating and withdrawing groups will be discussed in chapter 3. By modifying the structure of ITX, we have revealed and proposed an important pathway to guide future development of photoinitiators in direct laser writing.


SNM: Continuous and Scalable 3D Nanoprinting

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