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posted on 2019-06-10, 19:38 authored by Tong WuTong Wu
The objective of this dissertation is to develop new methods in the areas of multiscale topology optimization, thermomechanical topology optimization including heat convection, and thermal-fluid topology optimization. The dissertation mainly focuses on developing five innovative topology optimization algorithms with respect to structure and multistructure coupling fluid, thermal and mechanical analysis, in order to solve customary design requirements. Most of algorithms are coded as in-house code in MATLAB.

In Chapter One, a brief introduction of topology optimization, a brief literature review and the objective is presented. Five innovative algorithms are illustrated in Chapter Two
to Six. From Chapter Two to Four, the methods with respect to multiscale approach are presneted. and Chapter Five and Six aims to contribute further research associated with
topology optimization considering heat convection. In Chapter Two, a multiphse topology optimization of thermomechanical structures is presented, in which the optimized structure is composed of several phases of prescribed lattice unit cells. Chapter Three presents a
Multiscale, thermomechanical topology optimization of self-supporting cellular structures. Each lattice unit cell have a optimised porousity and diamond shape that benefit additive
manufacturing. In Chapter Four, the multiscale approach is extended to topology optimization involved with fluid mechanics problem to design optimized micropillar arrays in
microfludics devices. The optimised micropillars minimize the energy loss caused by local fluid drag force. In Chapter Five, a novel thermomechanical topology optimization is developed, in order to generate optimized multifunctional lattice heat transfer structure. The algorithm approximate convective heat transfer by design-dependent heat source and natural convection. In Chapter Six, an improved thermal-fluid topology optimization method is created to flexibly handle the changing of thermal-fluid parameters such as external heat source, Reynolds number, Prandtl number and thermal diffusivity. The results show the
changing of these parameters lead versatile optimized topologies. Finally, the summary and recommendations are presented in Chapter Seven.


Walmart U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund. Title: Optimal plastic injection molding tooling design and production through advanced additive manufacturing.


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