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posted on 2021-07-26, 19:12 authored by Chuhao DengChuhao Deng

As the demand and complexity of air traffic increase, it becomes crucial to maintain the safety and efficiency of the operations in airspaces, which, however, could lead to an increased workload for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) and delays in their decision-making processes. Although terminal airspaces are highly structured with the flight procedures such as standard terminal arrival routes and standard instrument departures, the aircraft are frequently instructed to deviate from such procedures by ATCs to accommodate given traffic situations, e.g., maintaining the separation from neighboring aircraft or taking shortcuts to meet scheduling requirements. Such deviation, called vectoring, could even increase the delays and workload of ATCs. This thesis focuses on developing a framework for trajectory pattern identification and classification that can provide ATCs, in vectored airspace, with real-time information of which possible vectoring pattern a new incoming aircraft could take so that such delays and workload could be reduced. This thesis consists of two parts, trajectory pattern identification and trajectory pattern classification.

In the first part, a framework for trajectory pattern identification is proposed based on agglomerative hierarchical clustering, with dynamic time warping and squared Euclidean distance as the dissimilarity measure between trajectories. Binary trees with fixes that are provided in the aeronautical information publication data are proposed in order to catego- rize the trajectory patterns. In the second part, multiple recurrent neural network based binary classification models are trained and utilized at the nodes of the binary trees to compute the possible fixes an incoming aircraft could take. The trajectory pattern identifi- cation framework and the classification models are illustrated with the automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast data that were recorded between January and December 2019 in In- cheon international airport, South Korea .


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