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The Adoption of Mobile Learning Into Higher Education: Influencing Students' Skills, Attitudes, and Global Competence

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posted on 2019-06-10, 17:33 authored by Evan Michael FoxEvan Michael Fox

An era of vast digital advancements has given way to emerging technologies capable of transforming the educational experience. Personal learning technologies are increasingly pervasive and becoming more central to human interaction. Among university students, these devices often include mobile phones and tablets. The ubiquity of these technologies among college students has caused researchers to study their effective use in the higher education environment. The upcoming field of mobile learning recognizes mobile devices as tools capable of putting students at the center of learning. Currently, a large body of mobile learning literature highlights how students perceive the adoption of mobile devices in their college courses. Factors such as student skill level, attitude, and practicality have been identified as critical elements to adoption. As a result, multiple studies suggest that students be trained in a way that impacts these factors. Yet, literature is silent on how this can be successfully done. The following research articles experiment with how training students impacts their skills and attitudes toward mobile learning. It also proposes how mobile learning can be used in a practical manner to improve a present issue, namely students’ lack of global competence.


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