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The Art of Transition: A Design Study for Effective Transition Interventions in Autistic Kids

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posted on 2019-08-15, 14:48 authored by Saba NikrahiSaba Nikrahi
This study is concentrating on the transition process in autistic disorder kids. Transition is characterized as shifting between activities and also in an ongoing task. This transformation appears to be very hard to accomplish for many autistic individuals. The tendency towards sameness and resistance towards any alters in the routines leads to tantrum behaviors, such as kicking, shouting, punching, ... The tantrum behaviors that are the outcome of a transition to a non-preferred activity affects the child’s learning process and brings a lot of pressure and anxiety for both parents and the ASD individual.

The current thesis has focused on obtaining practical ways to facilitate this process and incorporating them into a system design. To fulfill this goal, a precise understanding of the users need was necessary, in addition to choosing the best suitable intervention models and employing them into a design. In the end, a corresponding app, along with a supporting smartwatch, was accomplished through various rounds of usability testing and user studies.


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