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The Future of IO Kids: Establishing Brushing Habit in Early Childhood

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posted on 2023-03-09, 22:38 authored by Raman Ghafari HarivandRaman Ghafari Harivand


The design project aims to produce a toothbrush that will make it easier for young children to develop good brushing habits. Previous research shows us that children need consistency and parental guidance to establish healthy habits successfully. Without parent guidance, professional intervention, and other important variables, children are less likely to create an oral hygiene routine that they understand and can keep up with in their future years. What if we could start young to improve and build sustainable oral hygiene habits? The goal of this project is to imagine the future of children’s toothbrushes so that these changes last across the lifespan. Through the role of parents, rewards, and the collaboration with Oral-B at Procter & Gamble, this technology and conceptual design came to life. The final outcome of this project is a habit-forming toothbrush system that helps parents to establish brushing habits in themselves and their children through a fun and addicting toothbrushing journey.


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