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The Impact of Self-Compassion and the Mediating Effects of Social Media on Relational Intimacy

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posted on 2019-06-11, 17:55 authored by Margaret K KapitanMargaret K Kapitan

The current research study examined the way one’s relationship with self affects their relational intimacy with others, while accounting for the role of social media has in influencing this effect. This study uses self-compassion to examine one’s relationship with self and expands on the current knowledge that self-compassion influences one’s relationships. It was hypothesized that self-compassion would be positively associated with relational intimacy and negatively associated with social media use. A total of 173 participants contributed to this study. No significant relationship was found between self-compassion and social media use, as measured by social media use integration in to social routines and emotional connection, and integration into social routines. There was a significant positive relationship between self-compassion and relational intimacy but no support for social media use was a significant mediating variable.


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