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The Instructional Design Dispositions & Expertise Index: Development & Pre-Pilot

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posted on 2020-12-14, 22:46 authored by Katherine J. ChartierKatherine J. Chartier
For many years,scholars haveinvestigated instructional design expertise anddescribed the difficulty definingit. A lack of a clear definition, inclusive of primary components,poses a measurement problemfor those seeking to evaluate the development of expertise. An overarching aim of this study is to gather evidence to support a definition of instructional designexpertise(IDE)which includes knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Instructional design dispositions have not received muchattention, but dispositions (e.g., adaptability,flexibility)are often described as distinguishing traits of expertdesigners. ExistingID competency instrumentsevaluatethe perceived importance of knowledge and skills butare limited in trackingdevelopment past competency. They also do not adequately considerdispositions.The purpose of this research was to describe the development of the Instructional Design Dispositions and Expertise Index. Instrument development procedures includeditem generation,expert review, think-aloud sessions, and a small-scale item tryout. Over 200 designers agreedknowledge, skills, and dispositions are important components of expertise. Qualitative data corroboratedquantitativefindingsfurther illuminatinga relationship between these componentsand quality instructional design. Initial evidence of content and construct validity for the instrument isestablished. A validated expertise instrument wouldallow us to more fully understand and evaluate expertiseand its development, whichcould inspire innovation ininstructional design research, theory, and practice.


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