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The Sustainable Manufacturing System Design Decomposition

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posted on 2020-12-16, 17:54 authored by Onkar V SonurOnkar V Sonur
With the growing importance of the manufacturing sector, there is a tremendous demand for finding innovative ways to design manufacturing systems. Although several design methodologies are available for devising the manufacturing systems, most of the changes do not sustain for a longer period. Numerous elements contribute to issues that impede sustainability in manufacturing industries, such as the common design approach of applying solutions without understanding system requirements and appropriate thinking processes.
With a Sustainable Manufacturing System Design Decomposition (SMSDD), the precise pitfalls and areas of improvement can be well understood.
The SMSDD fosters members in the organization to collectively map the customer’s needs, identifying the requirements of the system design and the associated solutions. In this thesis, SMSDD is developed to design manufacturing systems for maximizing the potential of an enterprise to create an efficient and sustainable manufacturing system.
In addition to being able to design new manufacturing systems or to re-design existing manufacturing systems, the SMSDD provides a potent tool to analyze the design of existing manufacturing systems. SMSDD uses the Collective System Design Methodology steps to design a manufacturing system for leading to efficient and sustainable manufacturing system. Therefore, SMSDD can apply to a broad range of manufacturing systems.


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