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The Usage of Augmented Reality for an Instructional Task

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posted on 2020-12-14, 22:16 authored by Kenneth Deangelo Jay JrKenneth Deangelo Jay Jr

Approximately 60% of lean manufacturing systems result in failure (Pearce & Pons, 2019). The failures are attributed to a lack of understanding of lean principles and a lack of commitment by employees (Almanei, Salonitis, & Tsinopoulos, 2018). The study hypothesized that incorporating augmented reality (AR) into the processes, would improve the overall success rate. An AR proof of concept was conducted using the Toshiba dynaEdge AR100 (Dynabook, 2019). The question that guided the proof of concept was, “how did instructional task times compare between AR instruction’s and paper instruction’s?” The literature review provided findings that the incorporation of AR contributing to a 33% decrease in fabrication cycle times (Segovia et al., 2015). The literature review also provided findings that AR incorporation worked best for complex assembly tasks (Capozzi, Lorizzo, Modoni, & Sacco, 2014). The study utilized 20 subjects, which were split evenly into two groups for each set of instructions. The 20 individuals were timed, and the data was analyzed using a two-sample t-test and a Cohen’s d effect size analysis. The AR system’s perceived usability was also analyzed through the use of a system usability scale (SUS). The study’s findings for the t-test and the effect size analysis did not support the previously stated hypothesis. However, the AR system was determined to be useful, based off of the SUS findings. The study provides future researchers a starting point for AR related studies and an understanding of what to avoid.


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