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The synergistic benefits of combining innate immune stimulators into nanoparticle adjuvants for intradermal vaccination

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posted on 2023-04-28, 03:05 authored by Juan F Hernandez FrancoJuan F Hernandez Franco


The study presented within demonstrates that Nano-11, a plant-derived nanoparticle adjuvant, can be utilized in conjunction with innate immune stimulators, including the TLR3 agonist poly(I:C) and the STING agonist cyclic-di-AMP, to provoke enhanced immune responses when administered through intradermal vaccines. The study demonstrated that the utilization of a combination adjuvant consisting of Nano-11 and a synthetic STING agonist, ADU-S100, in intradermal vaccination exhibited dose-sparing characteristics and resulted in enhanced immunity in both mice and pigs when compared to intramuscular immunization. The utilization of Nano-11-based adjuvant technology has demonstrated both prophylactic and therapeutic efficacy in mouse models of lymphoma and melanoma. The proposed adjuvant platform for intradermal vaccines, which is based on Nano-11, aims to enhance the accessibility of vaccines for the purposes of controlling infectious diseases and cancers.


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