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Towards More Scalable and Practical Program Synthesis

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posted on 2022-04-29, 01:33 authored by Yanjun WangYanjun Wang

Program synthesis aims to generate programs automatically from user-provided specifications and has the potential to aid users in real-world programming tasks from different domains. Although there have been great achievements of synthesis techniques in specific domains such as spreadsheet programming, computer-aided education and software engineering, there still exist huge barriers that keep us from achieving scalable and practical synthesis tools.

This dissertation presents several techniques towards more scalable and practical program synthesis from three perspectives: 1) intention: Writing formal specification for synthesis is a major barrier for average programmers. In particular, in some quantitative synthesis scenarios (such as network design), the first challenge faced by users is expressing their optimization targets. To address this problem, we present comparative synthesis, an interactive synthesis framework that learns near optimal programs through comparative queries, without explicitly specified optimization targets. 2) invention: Synthesis algorithms are key to pushing the performance limit of program synthesis. Aiming to solve syntax-guided synthesis problems efficiently, we introduce a cooperative synthesis technique that combines the merits of enumerative and deductive synthesis. 3) adaptation: Besides functional correctness, quality of generated code is another important aspect. Towards automated provably-correct optimization over tree traversals, we propose a stack-based representation for iterations in tree traversals and an encoding to Monadic Second-Order logic over trees, which enables reasoning about tree traversal transformations which were not possible before.


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