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Trauma-Informed Strategies for the Classroom

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posted on 2020-04-30, 03:03 authored by Sabrina Leigh PerezSabrina Leigh Perez
Studies have shown that using trauma-informed strategies in the classroom positively effect students learning and academic success. However, studies have proven that educators’ lack exposure to trauma-informed care area. The purpose of the study was to 1). Investigate educators’ knowledge and uses of trauma-informed strategies in their classrooms and 2.) develop a resource of trauma-informed strategies for educators to better serve students with trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). A research design of surveying elementary teachers from a Northeast Indiana public school. The survey was administered to twenty-six elementary teachers in both the general and special education setting. Twenty participants completed the survey. The survey questions were both open and closed ended questions that gathered educators understanding of trauma and trauma-informed strategies in the classroom. Twenty educators completed the survey. Results suggested that educators lack trauma-informed Professional Development while all educators have a high percent of students with trauma within their classrooms. Results also suggested that educators may not have a good understanding of what trauma-informed strategies are or how to implement them in their classroom.


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