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Turbine Generator Performance Dashboard for Predictive Maintenance Strategies

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posted on 2021-12-19, 16:24 authored by Emily R RadaEmily R Rada
Equipment health is the root of productivity and profitability in a company; through the use of machine learning and advancements in computing power, a maintenance strategy known as Predictive Maintenance (PdM) has emerged. The predictive maintenance approach utilizes performance and condition data to forecast necessary machine repairs. Predicting maintenance needs reduces the likelihood of operational errors, aids in the avoidance of production failures, and allows for preplanned outages. The PdM strategy is based on machine-specific data, which proves to be a valuable tool. The machine data provides quantitative proof of operation patterns and production while offering machine health insights that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Purdue University's Wade Utility Plant is responsible for providing reliable utility services for the campus community. The Wade Utility Plant has invested in an equipment monitoring system for a thirty-megawatt turbine generator. The equipment monitoring system records operational and performance data as the turbine generator supplies campus with electricity and high-pressure steam. Unplanned and surprise maintenance needs in the turbine generator hinder utility production and lessen the dependability of the system.

The work of this study leverages the turbine generator data the Wade Utility Plant records and stores, to justify equipment care and provide early error detection at an in-house level. The research collects and aggregates operational, monitoring and performance-based data for the turbine generator in Microsoft Excel, creating a dashboard which visually displays and statistically monitors variables for discrepancies. The dashboard records ninety days of data, tracked hourly, determining averages, extrema, and alerting the user as data approaches recommended warning levels. Microsoft Excel offers a low-cost and accessible platform for data collection and analysis providing an adaptable and comprehensible collection of data from a turbine generator. The dashboard offers visual trends, simple statistics, and status updates using 90 days of user selected data. This dashboard offers the ability to forecast maintenance needs, plan work outages, and adjust operations while continuing to provide reliable services that meet Purdue University's utility demands.


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