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Two-Dimensional Modeling of Discharge Sustained by Repetitive Nanosecond Pulses

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posted on 2019-01-04, 03:00 authored by Surya Mitra AyalasomayajulaSurya Mitra Ayalasomayajula
High repetition frequency nanosecond pulses have been shown to be effective in generating plasma for reconfigurable RF systems. In the present work, the focus is on simulation of nanosecond pulsed discharges in Argon at 3 Torr and inter-electrode spacing of 2 cm with pulse repetition frequency of 30 kHz. The simulations have been carried out using a hybrid model, HPEM code developed by Prof. Mark J. Kushner at University of Michigan. The simulation results were compared to the experiments. Although a mismatch of results has been found, the simulations seem to capture the underlying physical phenomena. The electron temperature in the afterglow of the pulse seems to decay faster compared to the electron number density in the plasma, which is an essential feature in designing low noise plasma antennas.


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