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Ultrafast laser-absorption spectroscopy in the mid-infrared for spatiotemporally resolved measurements of gas properties

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posted on 2021-11-11, 21:58 authored by Ryan J TancinRyan J Tancin
Laser-absorption spectroscopy (LAS) is widely used for providing non-intrusive and quantitative measurements of gas properties (such as temperature and absorbing species mole fraction) in combustion environments. However, challenges may arise from the line-of-sight nature of LAS diagnostics, which can limit their spatial resolution. Further, time-resolution of such techniques as scanned direct-absorption or wavelength-modulation spectroscopy is limited by the scanning speed of the laser and the optical bandwidth is often limited by a combination of a laser's intrinsic tunability and its scanning speed. The work presented in this dissertation investigated how recent advancements in mid-IR camera technology and lasers can be leveraged to expand the spatial, temporal, and spectral measurement capabilities of LAS diagnostics. Novel laser-absorption imaging and ultrafast laser-absorption spectroscopy diagnostics are presented in this dissertation. In addition, the high-pressure combustion chamber (HPCC) and high-pressure shock tube (HPST) were designed and built to enable the study of, among others, energetic material combustion, spectroscopy, non-equilibrium and chemistry using optical diagnostics.



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