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User Experience Study of Screen Readers for Visually Challenged Users

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posted on 2023-08-01, 15:21 authored by Monica HegdeMonica Hegde

The study investigates the user experience of visually impaired people using screen readers, concentrating on their accessibility and usability when navigating digital content. Screen readers are indispensable instruments for the blind and visually impaired, facilitating the completion of online tasks and access to information. While screen readers offer benefits such as customization and accessibility, they also present users with challenges such as cognitive burden, sequential navigation, and limitations with multimedia content.

The research takes a user-centric approach, taking into account the particular requirements and preferences of visually impaired users. By conducting empirical research, the study gains valuable insights into the experiences, requirements, and pain points of screen reader users. The objective is to identify areas for enhancement and create solutions that enhance the user's efficiency and satisfaction.

Recognizing the diverse subcategories within the visually impaired population, the thesis argues for design approaches that are tailored to specific needs. In addition, the incorporation of existing artificial intelligence systems, such as image caption generation and text extraction, is investigated to improve the functionality and usability of screen readers.

Through this research, the thesis emphasizes the significance of creating digital content that is both functional and accessible. By embracing the curb cut effect and incorporating empirical research findings, developers can cultivate a more inclusive and equitable online environment for all users, thereby promoting inclusivity and ensuring that visually impaired users can effectively interact with digital content.


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