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Using Non-Intrusive Instrumentation to Analyze any Distributed Middleware in Real-Time

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posted on 2021-05-10, 15:31 authored by Nyalia James-Korsuk LuiNyalia James-Korsuk Lui
Dynamic Binary Instrumentation (DBI) is one way to monitor a distributed system in real-time without modifying source code. Previous work has shown it is possible to instrument distributed systems using standards-based distributed middleware. Existing work, however, only applies to a single middleware, such as CORBA.

This thesis therefore presents a tool named the Standards-based Distributed Middleware Monitor (SDMM), which generalizes two modern standards-based distributed middleware, the Data Distribution Service (DDS) and gRemote Procedure Call (gRPC). SDMM uses DBI to extract values and other data relevant to monitoring a distributed system in real-time. Using dynamic instrumentation allows SDMM to capture information without a priori knowledge of the distributed system under instrumentation. We applied SDMM to systems created with two DDS vendors, RTI Connext DDS and OpenDDS, as well as gRPC which is a complete remote procedure call framework. Our results show that the data collection process contributes to less than 2% of the run-time overhead in all test cases.


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