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Utilizing Virtual Simulation Technology to Increase Implementation of Safe Aging in Place Modifications

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posted on 2019-08-02, 18:33 authored by Denise M WilderDenise M Wilder

Dedicated industry professionals from design, construction, and health care are working to provide attractive, constructible, functional and safe home modifications for aging in place. The commitment is to keep senior members of local communities in the homes they love, rather than to segregate them into big box retirement communities. This study explores the confidence level of both individuals interested in aging place for themselves and their friends and family members in aging in place modifications. In additions to those interested in aging in place for themselves and their friends and family members, invested professionals from design, construction and health care are surveyed to measure their confidence in common modifications. A 3d walkthrough is tested to investigate if confidence levels increase with the use of a walkthrough to communicate recommended modifications.

Friends and family members of those intending to age in place were significantly more concerned about the safety of their aging person, than the aging person themselves. Those friends and family members were also more impacted by viewing the video walkthrough than any of the other groups.


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