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Wireless, Cost Efficient and Flexible Temperature Sensing System for Food Monitoring

posted on 2023-07-25, 21:30 authored by Duhan ErogluDuhan Eroglu

The first flexible chip-less RFID temperature sensor system for food monitoring to have a  resolution of 0.2  °C for temperature measurements between 79  °C and -22.8  °C is introduced. This  system has a significant improvement in temperature range compared to current flexible RFID  sensors and can provide high accuracy measurements for real time food monitoring at the system  level. Flexible sensors provide low-cost, better flexibility, and longer service life; hence, flexible  sensor systems can provide a new future for food monitoring in commercial applications. The  proposed system presents a new feature and enables a food monitoring system that utilizes a  flexible sensor system. The system introduced in this paper enables a wireless measurement system  providing 100 dB dynamic range with 160 Msps and 16-bit resolution for precise temperature  measurements that are critical for food quality within 100  °C temperature range. The full sensing  system is designed, tested and measurements results are confirmed to be within expected accuracy 


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