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Investigating Unsteadiness in a Low-Pressure Turbine Stage using Constant Temperature Anemometry

Version 2 2024-05-01, 19:27
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posted on 2024-05-01, 19:27 authored by Adam C MoellerAdam C Moeller

In this thesis, an experimental procedure for assessing unsteady fluctuations in flow velocity inside an annular low pressure turbine test facility using constant temperature anemometry is established. This procedure is then applied to two test cases in order to validate the methodology and build expertise with the measurement techniques involved. The results of these experiments appear to be reasonable and in good agreement with the body of literature documenting such cases. After the procedure is validated, the experiments in the annular test section are conducted and the results are processed according to the same methodology as previous. The results provide spatial and temporal understanding of the flow at a plane downstream of the blade row. The uncertainties of measured quantities are computed and the experimental results are contextualized with a comparison to a numerical study. The body of work is assessed to determine whether the research objective has been met and recommendations for future studies are given.


Embedded Flow Control for High Work - Low Reynolds Turbines - BFCONTUR

United States Air Force

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