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Leveraging Advanced Large Language Models To Optimize Network Device Configuration

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posted on 2024-04-24, 14:30 authored by Mark BogdanovMark Bogdanov

Recent advancements in large language models such as ChatGPT and AU Large allow for the effective integration and application of LLMs into network devices such as switches and routers in terms of the ability to play a role in configuration and management. The given devices are an essential part of every network infrastructure, and the nature of physical networking topologies is complex, which leads to the need to ensure optimal network efficiency and security via meticulous and precise configurations.

The research explores the potential of an AI-driven interface that utilizes AU Large to streamline, enhance, and automate the configuration process of network devices while ensuring that the security of the whole process is guaranteed by running the entire system on-premise. Three core areas are of primary concern in the given study: the effectiveness of integrating the AU Large into network management systems, the impact on efficiency, accuracy, and error rates in network configurations, and the scalability and adaptability to more complex requirements and growing network environments.

The key performance metrics evaluated are the error rate in the generated configurations, scalability by looking at the performance as more network devices are added, and the ability to generate incredibly complex configurations accurately. The high-level results of the critical performance metrics show an evident correlation between increased device count and increased prompt complexity with a degradation in the performance of the AU Large model from Mistral AI.

This research has significant potential to alter preset network management practices by applying AI to make network configuration more efficient, reduce the scope for human error, and create an adaptable tool for diverse and complex networking environments. This research contributes to both AI and network management fields by highlighting a path toward the “future of network management.”


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