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Two Case Studies on the Use of Public Bioinformatics Data Toward Open-Access Research

posted on 2024-04-20, 14:59 authored by Daphne Rae KrutulisDaphne Rae Krutulis

Open-access bioinformatics data enables accessible public health research for a variety of stakeholders, including teachers and low-resourced researchers. This project outlines two case studies utilizing open-access bioinformatics data sets and analysis software as proofs of concept for the types of research projects that can be adapted for workforce development purposes. The first case study is a spatial temporal analysis of Lyme disease rates in the United States from 2008 to 2020 using freely available data from the United States Department of Agriculture and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine how urbanization and other changes in land use have impacted Lyme disease rates over time. The second case study conducts a pangenome analysis using bacteriophage data from the Actinobacteriophage Database to determine conserved gene regions related to host specificity.


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