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Advances in Vehicular Aerodynamics

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posted on 2024-06-03, 15:17 authored by Deepam P DaveDeepam P Dave

This article-based research traces the evolution and advancements of vehicular aerodynamic concepts and emphasizes on the significance of vehicle aerodynamics for high-performance vehicles. The thesis further explores the scope of integrating advanced vehicle aerodynamic concepts into consumer vehicles. The thesis aims to point out the significant improvements achieved with the integration of active aerodynamic concepts in terms of both vehicle performance as well as efficiency figures for consumer vehicles. Additionally, exploring the scope for the development of these advanced active aerodynamic systems as third-party modifications is the secondary objective of the presented research. The thesis also highlights the development and integration of unique active aerodynamic systems featured in performance vehicles and analyzes the performance gains achieved using MATLAB program-based simulations supported by a graphical representation of analyzed output data. The study of Active aerodynamic systems for both performance/track-oriented and consumer vehicles remains to be the primary emphasis for the presented thesis.


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