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Examining the Effects,  Feasibility, and Acceptability of a Multilevel Asychronous Training Model in Trial-Based Functional Analysis For Service Providers 

posted on 2023-08-07, 15:23 authored by Marie DavidMarie David

The rising prevalence of developmental disabilities has created an increased demand for service providers capable of delivering behavior-analytic services with high fidelity. As the need for these services continues to grow, ensuring that service providers have easy access to the essential training for delivering high-quality services becomes paramount. This dissertation aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of asynchronous training methods in developing service providers' skills to effectively implement trial-based functional analysis (TBFA).

In Study 1, four board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA) were trained using an asynchronous model, which included remote behavior skills training and self-monitoring. Three BCBAs achieved mastery criteria for all TBFA conditions, while one BCBA required additional support through self-monitoring to meet the criteria for the escape condition. While the BCBAs showed improved accuracy in implementing TBFA, they faced challenges in fully generalizing their skills to actual clients, indicating the need for planned support to enhance skill generalization. In Study 2, four BCBA trainees were trained using the same asynchronous model, but with increased mastery criteria and planned supports available during the generalization phase. The findings showed that all BCBA trainees met the mastery criteria when using TBFA with video-annotated feedback, and the inclusion of planned supports during the generalization phase resulted in consistent implementation with 100% fidelity across all TBFA conditions, highlighting the importance of such supports for skill generalization.

Overall, the dissertation suggests that asynchronous training methods hold promise for training service providers, but the availability of planned supports is essential for effective skill generalization. The study's major findings and implications for practice are discussed, along with directions for future research.


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