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p-adic Measures for Reciprocals of L-functions of Totally Real Number Fields

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posted on 2021-07-26, 23:58 authored by Razan TahaRazan Taha
We generalize the work of Gelbart, Miller, Pantchichkine, and Shahidi on constructing p-adic measures to the case of totally real fields K. This measure is the Mellin transform of the reciprocal of the p-adic L-function which interpolates the special values at negative integers of the Hecke L-function of K. To define this measure as a distribution, we study the non-constant terms in the Fourier expansion of a particular Eisenstein series of the Hilbert modular group of K. Proving the distribution is a measure requires studying the structure of the Iwasawa algebra.


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Freydoon Shahidi

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