Purdue University Graduate School

Kara Salazar

Assistant Program Leader for Community Development Purdue Extension & Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist, Illinois – Indiana Sea Grant, Purdue University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources (Community planning; Land use and environmental planning; Public participation and community engagement; Environmental education and extension; Natural resource management; Environment policy)

West Lafayette, Indiana

Working with multidisciplinary teams, Kara Salazar oversees the development, delivery, and evaluation of programs to support environmental planning, community development, and sustainable development strategies in communities across Indiana and Great Lakes states. Kara provides leadership to the Purdue Extension Community Development Program and serves as a liaison between Illinois – Indiana Sea Grant and Purdue Extension. Programs emphasize collaborative planning and facilitated inclusive community forums using data and visualization tools to explore policy and management interventions that address complex natural resource management and land use issues. Areas of focus include community resilience, green infrastructure, hazard mitigation, parks and public spaces, renewable energy, and social justice.

Kara Salazar's public data