Purdue University Graduate School

Vikram Ravindra


  • A wearable low-cost device based upon Force-Sensing Resistors to detect single-finger forces
  • Rigid Graph Alignment
  • A comparative analysis of three non-invasive human-machine interfaces for the disabled
  • A geometric approach to characterize the functional identity of single cells
  • De-anonymization Attacks on Neuroimaging Datasets
  • Constructing Compact Brain Connectomes for Individual Fingerprinting
  • Fuzzy Graph Clustering based on Non-Euclidean Relational Fuzzy c-Means
  • Characterizing Similarity of Visual Stimulus from Associated Neuronal Response
  • Identifying and Analyzing Sepsis States: A Retrospective Study on Patients with Sepsis in ICUs
  • Identifying Coherent Subgraphs In Dynamic Brain Networks
  • Constructing compact signatures for individual fingerprinting of brain connectomes
  • Aligning Spatially Constrained Graphs
  • Identifying and analyzing sepsis states: A retrospective study on patients with sepsis in ICUs
  • Machine Learning Techniques in┬áReactive Atomistic Simulations
  • May I see what you see? Predicting Visual Features from Neuronal Activity
  • May I see what you see? Predicting visual features from neuronal activity

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