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Deep Learning Studies for Vision-based Condition Assessment and Attribute Estimation of Civil Infrastructure Systems

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posted on 2021-01-14, 18:37 authored by Fu-Chen ChenFu-Chen Chen
Structural health monitoring and building assessment are crucial to acquire structures’ states and maintain their conditions. Besides human-labor surveys that are subjective, time-consuming, and expensive, autonomous image and video analysis is a faster, more efficient, and non-destructive way. This thesis focuses on crack detection from videos, crack segmentation from images, and building assessment from street view images. For crack detection from videos, three approaches are proposed based on local binary pattern (LBP) and support vector machine (SVM), deep convolution neural network (DCNN), and fully-connected network (FCN). A parametric Naïve Bayes data fusion scheme is introduced that registers video frames in a spatiotemporal coordinate system and fuses information based on Bayesian probability to increase detection precision. For crack segmentation from images, the rotation-invariant property of crack is utilized to enhance the segmentation accuracy. The architectures of several approximately rotation-invariant DCNNs are discussed and compared using several crack datasets. For building assessment from street view images, a framework of multiple DCNNs is proposed to detect buildings and predict their attributes that are crucial for flood risk estimation, including founding heights, foundation types (pier, slab, mobile home, or others), building types (commercial, residential, or mobile home), and building stories. A feature fusion scheme is proposed that combines image feature with meta information to improve the predictions, and a task relation encoding network (TREncNet) is introduced that encodes task relations as network connections to enhance multi-task learning.


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