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Deep Transferable Intelligence for Wearable Big Data Pattern Detection

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posted on 2021-08-06, 12:33 authored by Kiirthanaa GangadharanKiirthanaa Gangadharan
Biomechanical Big Data is of great significance to precision health applications, among which we take special interest in Physical Activity Detection (PAD). In this study, we have performed extensive research on deep learning-based PAD from biomechanical big data, focusing on the challenges raised by the need of real-time edge inference. First, considering there are many places we can place the motion sensors, we have thoroughly compared and analyzed the location difference in terms of deep learning-based PAD performance. We have further compared the difference among six sensor channels (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope). Second, we have selected the optimal sensor and the optimal sensor channel, which can not only provide sensor usage suggestions but also enable ultra-low-power application on the edge. Third, we have investigated innovative methods to minimize the training effort of the deep learning model, leveraging the transfer learning strategy. More specifically, we propose to pre-train a transferable deep learning model using the data from other subjects and then fine-tune the model using limited data from the target-user. In such a way, we have found that, for single-channel case, the transfer learning can effectively increase the deep model performance even when the fine-tuning effort is very small. This research, demonstrated by comprehensive experimental evaluation, have shown the potential of ultra-low-power PAD with minimized sensor stream and minimized training effort.


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