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Durable Icephobic Coating for Aluminum Substrate

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posted on 2021-01-14, 18:17 authored by Sathish kumar RanganathanSathish kumar Ranganathan

Development of durable icephobic coating and reduction of ice accumulation on the product surfaces has proven to be a challenging task in the past decade. Considering the challenges posted during ice storms and existing limitations to the state of the art, development of durable icephobic coating which can provide low ice adhesion strength and less ice weight increase is a critical milestone for industries and research communities. To obtain durable icephobic coating, high temperature and weather resistance Fluoro-Ethylene-Alkyl-Vinyl-Ether (FEVE) binder was selected to design a smooth and superhydrophobic coatings. These coatings were benchmarked against commercially available silicone epoxy and superhydrophobic coatings and validated its surface roughness, surface wettability and icephobic performance such as ice adhesion strength and ice accumulation. To evaluate coatings thermal durability, targeting power transmission line application, these coatings were exposed to extreme thermal ageing conditions (200 oC for 60 days) and retention of icephobic performance were measured. Though, commercial coatings have provided better icephobicity at unaged condition, after high temperature heat ageing these coatings icephobic performance were deteriorated significantly. However, FEVE based coating had retained its surface characteristics and icephobic properties after aggressive thermal ageing.


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