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posted on 2021-07-23, 19:25 authored by Minglu LiMinglu Li

Social engineering attacks can have serious consequences when it comes to information security. A social engineering attack aims at sensitive personal information by using personality weaknesses and using manipulation techniques. Because the user is often seen as the weakest link, techniques like phishing, baiting, and vishing, and deception are used to glean important personal information successfully. This article will analyze the relationship between the environment and social engineering attacks. This data consists of 516 people taking a survey. When it comes to discovering the relationship, there are two parts of the analysis. One is a high-dimensional analysis using multiple algorithms to find a connection between the environment and people’s behavior. The other uses a text analysis algorithm to study the pattern of survey questions, which can help discover why certain people have the same tendency in the same scenario. After combining these two, we might show how people have different reactions when dealing with social engineering attacks due to environmental factors.


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