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Effects of turbulent flow regimes on pilot and perforated-plate stabilized lean premixed flames

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posted on 2019-08-14, 17:16 authored by Jupyoung KimJupyoung Kim
An experimental study of the effects of turbulent flow regime on the flame structure is conducted by using perforated-plate-stabilized hydrogen-piloted lean premixed methane/air turbulent flames. The underlying non-reacting turbulent flow field was investigated using two-dimensional three-components particle imaging velocimetry (2D3C-PIV) with and without three perforated plates. The non-reacting flow data allowed a separation of the turbulent flow regime into axial velocity dominated and vortex dominated flows. A plate with 62\% blockage ratio was used to represent the stream-dominant flow regime and another with 86\% blockage ratio was used to represent the vortex-dominant flow regime. OH laser-induced fluorescence was used to study the effects of the turbulent flow regime on the mean progress variable, flame brush thickness, flame surface density, and global consumption speed. In comparison with the stream-dominant flow, the vortex-dominant flow makes a wider and shorter flame. Also, the vortex-dominant flow has a thicker horizontal flame brush thickness and a thinner longitudinal flame brush thickness. Especially, the horizontal flame brush thickness for the vortex-dominant flow does not follow the turbulence diffusion theory. Then, the vortex-dominant flow shows a relatively constant flame surface density along the stream-wise direction, while the stream-dominant flow shows a decreasing flame surface density. Lastly, the vortex-dominant turbulent flow improves the consumption speed in comparison to the stream-dominant turbulent flow regime with the same velocity fluctuation level.



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