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Efficient and accurate numerical methods for two classes of PDEs with applications to quasicrystals

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posted on 2020-04-17, 02:44 authored by Duo CaoDuo Cao
This dissertation is a summary of the graduate study in the past few years. In first part, we develop efficient spectral methods for the spectral fractional Laplacian equation and parabolic PDEs with spectral fractional Laplacian on rectangular domains. The key idea is to construct eigenfunctions of discrete Laplacian (also referred to Fourier-like basis) by using the Fourierization method. Under this basis, the nonlocal fractional Laplacian operator can be trivially evaluated, leading to very efficient algorithms for PDEs involving spectral fractional Laplacian. We provide a rigorous error analysis for the proposed methods, as well as ample numerical results to show their effectiveness.

In second part, we propose a method suitable for the computation of quasiperiodic interface, and apply it to simulate the interface between ordered phases in Lifschitz-Petrich model, which can be quasiperiodic. The function space, initial and boundary conditions are carefully chosen such that it fix the relative orientation and displacement, and we follow a gradient flow to let the interface and its optimal structure. The gradient flow is discretized by the scalar auxiliary variable (SAV) approach in time, and spectral method in space using quasiperiodic Fourier series and generalized Jacobi
polynomials. We use the method to study interface between striped, hexagonal and dodecagonal phases, especially when the interface is quasiperiodic. The numerical examples show that our method is efficient and accurate to successfully capture the interfacial structure.


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