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Emerging Trends in Technology and Innovation in Lower Limb Prosthetic Devices

posted on 03.05.2022, 02:43 by Nixon Oduor OpondoNixon Oduor Opondo

This study explored the history, present status, and future trends in assistive technologies and innovations in lower limb prosthesis. The study analyzed trends in patent filing and looked into how mainstream technologies such as additive manufacturing, advanced materials and robotic integrate with other enabling technologies such as IoT, AI, sensors etc. to advance technology innovation and improve the quality of life of people with limb impairment.

This research study is significant in helping to understand what is on the horizon for people with lower limb impairment given that this population tend to be neglected and their needs have not been fully addressed in many areas


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Doctor of Technology



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West Lafayette

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Linda Naimi

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Paul A. Asunda

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Jon R. Padfield

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Rajeswan Sundararajan