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Enhancing Safety for Autonomous Systems via Reachability and Control Barrier Functions

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posted on 2021-05-06, 01:36 authored by Jason King Ching LoJason King Ching Lo
In this thesis, we explore different methods to enhance the safety and robustness for autonomous systems. We achieve this goal using concepts and tools from reachability analysis and control barrier functions. We first take on a multi-player reach-avoid game that involves two teams of players with competing objectives, namely the attackers and the defenders. We analyze the problem and solve the game from the attackers' perspectives via a moving horizon approach. The resulting solution provides a safety guarantee that allows attackers to reach their goals while avoiding all defenders.

Next, we approach the problem of target re-association after long-term occlusion using concepts from reachability as well as Bayesian inference. Here, we set out to find the probability identity matrix that associates the identities of targets before and after an occlusion. The solution of this problem can be used in conjunction with existing state-of-the-art trackers to enhance their robustness.

Finally, we turn our attention to a different method for providing safety guarantees, namely control barrier functions. Since the existence of a control barrier function implies the safety of a control system, we propose a framework to learn such function from a given user-specified safety requirement. The learned CBF can be applied on top of an existing nominal controller to provide safety guarantees for systems.


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