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posted on 2022-12-02, 17:04 authored by Rowan Brock HartRowan Brock Hart

Fuzzing, a technique for negative testing of programs using randomly mutated or gen?erated input data, is responsible for the discovery of thousands of bugs in software from web browsers to video players. Advances in fuzzing focus on various methods for enhancing the number of bugs found and reducing the time spent to find them by applying various static, dynamic, and symbolic binary analysis techniques. As a stochastic process, fuzzing is an inherently inefficient method for discovering bugs residing in deep logic of programs due to the compounding complexity of preconditions as paths in programs grow in length. We propose a novel system to overcome this limitation by abstracting away path-constraining preconditions from a statement level to a function level by identifying impeding functions, functions that inhibit control flow from proceeding. REFACE is an end-to-end system for enhancing the capabilities of an existing fuzzer by generating variant binaries that present an easier-to-fuzz interface and expands an ongoing fuzzing campaign with minimal offline overhead. REFACE operates entirely on binary programs, requiring no source code or sym?bols to run, and is fuzzer-agnostic. This enhancement represents a step forward in a new direction toward abstraction of code that has historically presented a significant barrier to fuzzing and aims to make incremental progress by way of several ancillary dataflow analysis techniques with potential wide applicability. We attain a significant improvement in speed of obtaining maximum coverage, re-discover one known bug, and discover one possible new bug in a binary program during evaluation against an un-modified state-of-the-art fuzzer with no augmentation.


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