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Feedback Driven Matching Networks for Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers

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posted on 07.05.2021, 19:14 by Henry Clay AlexanderHenry Clay Alexander
The research presented covers the theory and design of feedback-driven matching networks for radio frequency power amplifiers. The study examines amplifier classifications, types of tunable components, feedback typologies, and control systems to achieve the desired operation. The work centers on designing and implementing a tunable matching network for an amplifier's input and output. The tunable systems provide the amplifier with a wide range of operational frequencies at reasonable power levels comparable to today's modern communication systems and produce millisecond-based tuning times. Simulated results are verified against a fabricated system prototype and tweaked to provide further insight into the design's operation.


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Master of Science


Engineering Technology

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West Lafayette

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John Denton

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Grant Richards

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Mark French

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