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Lifetime prediction of transistors: effects of temperature and water

posted on 06.08.2020, 18:26 by Chanakya Varma SurapaneniChanakya Varma Surapaneni

Accelerated life testing (ALT) is commonly used to obtain the reliability (lifetime) of a system in a short period by applying severe stress factors (i.e. temperature, humidity, chemical etc.,) to the system. Accelerated life testing was done on 2N3904 N-P-N bipolar junction transistor. After accelerated life testing, the acceleration factor is calculated through statistical analysis to predict the lifetime of a system at a certain operating condition. Multiple temperature and water immersed experiments were conducted on transistors at various temperatures. With the obtained results, analysis was done on the data to predict lifetime of transistors at different environmental conditions. Effects of the environmental conditions on the transistors were also discussed. Corrosion effects on transistors were studied. ALTA software is used to analyze the experimental data and to calculate the lifetime of the transistors. From the obtained failure data prediction of mean time to failure at various temperatures was done.


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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Hansung Kim

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Dr. Chen Zhou

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Dr. Ran Zhou

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