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posted on 2019-12-03, 00:48 authored by Do hyeung KimDo hyeung Kim
Multi-target tracking (MTT) is the problem to simultaneously estimate the number of targets and their states or trajectories. Numerous techniques have been developed for over 50 years, with a multitude of applications in many fields of study; however, there are two most widely used approaches to MTT: i) data association-based traditional algorithms; and ii) finite set statistics (FISST)-based data association free Bayesian multi-target filtering algorithms. Most data association-based traditional filters mainly use a statistical or simple model of the feature without explicitly considering the correlation between the target behavior
and feature characteristics. The inaccurate model of the feature can lead to divergence of the estimation error or the loss of a target in heavily cluttered and/or low signal-to-noise ratio environments. Furthermore, the FISST-based data association free Bayesian multi-target filters can lose estimates of targets frequently in harsh environments mainly
attributed to insufficient consideration of uncertainties not only measurement origin but also target's maneuvers.
To address these problems, three main approaches are proposed in this research work: i) new feature models (e.g., target dimensions) dependent on the target behavior
(i.e., distance between the sensor and the target, and aspect-angle between the longitudinal axis of the target and the axis of sensor line of sight); ii) new Gaussian mixture probability hypothesis density (GM-PHD) filter which explicitly considers the uncertainty in the measurement origin; and iii) new GM-PHD filter and tracker with jump Markov system models. The effectiveness of the analytical findings is demonstrated and validated with illustrative target tracking examples and real data collected from the surveillance radar.


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