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Multi-Resolution Data Fusion for Super Resolution of Microscopy Images

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posted on 2021-07-21, 13:29 authored by Emma J ReidEmma J Reid

Applications in materials and biological imaging are currently limited by the ability to collect high-resolution data over large areas in practical amounts of time. One possible solution to this problem is to collect low-resolution data and apply a super-resolution interpolation algorithm to produce a high-resolution image. However, state-of-the-art super-resolution algorithms are typically designed for natural images, require aligned pairing of high and low-resolution training data for optimal performance, and do not directly incorporate a data-fidelity mechanism.

We present a Multi-Resolution Data Fusion (MDF) algorithm for accurate interpolation of low-resolution SEM and TEM data by factors of 4x and 8x. This MDF interpolation algorithm achieves these high rates of interpolation by first learning an accurate prior model denoiser for the TEM sample from small quantities of unpaired high-resolution data and then balancing this learned denoiser with a novel mismatched proximal map that maintains fidelity to measured data. The method is based on Multi-Agent Consensus Equilibrium (MACE), a generalization of the Plug-and-Play method, and allows for interpolation at arbitrary resolutions without retraining. We present electron microscopy results at 4x and 8x super resolution that exhibit reduced artifacts relative to existing methods while maintaining fidelity to acquired data and accurately resolving sub-pixel-scale features.


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