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Non-Gaussian Interference in High Frequency, Underwater Acoustic, and Molecular Communication

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posted on 2019-06-10, 17:17 authored by Hung-Yi LoHung-Yi Lo
The implications of non-Gaussian interference for various communication systemsare explored. The focus is on the Kappa distribution, Generalized Gaussian distribu-tions, and the distribution of the interference in molecular communication systems.A review of how dynamic systems that are not in equilibrium are modeled by theKappa distribution and how this distribution models interference in HF communica-tions systems at sunrise is provided. The channel model, bit error rate for single andmultiple antennas, channel capacity, and polar code performance are shown.

Next, a review of the Generalized Gaussian distribution that has been found tomodel the interference resulting from surface activities is provided. This modeling isextended to find the secrecy capacity so that information cannot be obtained by theeavesdropper.

Finally, future nanomachnines are examined. The vulnerability to a receptorantagonist of a ligand-based molecule receiver is explored. These effects are consideredto be interference as in other wireless systems and the damage to signal reception isquantified.


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