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Optimized NURBS Curve Based G-Code Part Program for CNC Systems

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posted on 2019-01-16, 23:54 authored by Sai Ashish KannaSai Ashish Kanna
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is widely used in many industries that needs high speed machining of the parts with high precision, accuracy and good surface finish. In order to avail this the generation of the CNC part program size will be immensely big and leads to an inefficient process, which increases the delivery time and cost of products. This work presents the automation of high-accuracy CNC tool trajectory planning from CAD to G-code generation through optimal NURBs surface approximation. The proposed optimization method finds the minimum number of NURBS control points for a given admissible theoretical cord error between the desired and manufactured surfaces. The result is a compact part program that is less sensitive to data starvation than circular and spline interpolations with potential better surface finish. The proposed approach is demonstrated with the tool path generation of an involute gear profile and a topologically optimized structure is developed using this approach and then finally it is 3D printed.


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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Hazim El-Mounayri

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Dr. Andres Tovar

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Dr. Khosrow Nematollahi