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Optimizing Procedurally Generated Cooperative Multiplayer Game Levels

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posted on 31.07.2020, 15:58 by Justin D HeffronJustin D Heffron
Procedural level generation is a novel area of research within the field of computer graphics and game development. However, current research and implementations of procedural generation for cooperative games is sparse. Further study is required to validate the use of automatic level creation and to test additional methods of optimization for cooperative games. Additionally, despite many recent developments, many areas within the field of virtual reality remain underexplored. We propose a mathematically defined total cost function for controlling a procedural level generation algorithm for cooperative virtual reality games. This cost term controls an algorithm which gradually improves a generated solution over a series of iterations, bringing it to an optimal state. We present here two games with procedurally created levels and gameplay elements using this mathematical total cost function, as well as proposed experiments to validate the effectiveness of this content in encouraging cooperation and potential use cases for this technology.


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Master of Science


Computer Graphics Technology

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West Lafayette

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Christos Mousas

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